How to Use a Customer Statement to Get Paid Faster

Many businesses rely on invoices to get paid. If your business is one of them, you probably know the frustration of late customer payments. QuickBooks Online makes invoicing easy, with tools that let you: Send electronic invoices by email Get paid via e-check or credit card Track how long each invoice has been unpaid Send payment reminder emails But there … Read More

If You’re Not Using QuickBooks Online, Here’s How You’re Missing Out

Some people look forward to their business accounting. Those people use QuickBooks Online. Don’t believe us? Read on.  So, you’re not a QuickBooks Online user. That’s okay – we’re not here to judge. Maybe you feel like you don’t have time to learn a new software system. Or maybe you’re doing just fine with your current setup and see no … Read More

4 Ways QuickBooks Online Can Make Your Company Stronger

QuickBooks Online is more than an online accounting tool. It’s a gold mine of information that can shape your company’s future success. What are your business goals for this year? If you’re like many small business owners, your list of goals likely includes at least one of the following: Improve cash flow, and end the feast-or-famine cycle Strengthen your company’s … Read More

5 QuickBooks Online Reports You Need to See Every Week

QuickBooks Online’s reports can help you monitor your business’s health, set goals, and achieve consistent growth. But there are so many to choose from. Where do you start? QuickBooks Online’s dashboard, the first screen you see when you log in, provides an effective overview of your company’s finances. It contains at-a-glance information about your recent expenses, your sales, and the … Read More

Do You Suffer from DOB (Dread of Budgets)? We Have Your Solution

You know you need a budget, but it’s one of those tasks that is all too easy to put off. If you don’t have a budget yet, we have good news. QuickBooks Online (QBO) has easy-to-use tools that can jump-start the process.  Having a budget is great: it can help you stay on track with your company’s income and expenses … Read More

Using QBO’s Product and Service Records to Save Time and Effort

 Take a minute to learn how QBO’s product and service records can boost your business productivity every day. Repeated tasks are a major drain on business productivity. Sending similar emails, filling out the same business information on forms, entering contact information – anytime you find yourself doing the same thing again and again, you’re looking at an opportunity to streamline … Read More

Up your Inventory Reporting Game with QBO

Part 2 of a two-part series on managing inventory with QBO. Read part 1 here. Do you have inventory for your business? When you first started your business, you might have been able to keep track of your merchandise by counting manually. But as you and your product list grew, this became impractical. You might have recorded it all in … Read More

How QBO Can Help you Manage and Track Inventory

 Part 1 of a two-part series on managing inventory with QBO. Remember the early days of your business, when you could keep track of the products and services you sold with a written list or spreadsheet? Good times. And remember when your business grew as you added additional products and services? Even better times. And…remember when you got to a … Read More

Guide to Customizing QuickBooks Online for Your Business

Make your tasks easier and faster by customizing QBO for your company. QuickBooks Online was designed to be used by a variety of business types. Its versatility is one of the reasons QBO is such a popular small business accounting website. No matter whether you’re an HVAC repair company or a purveyor of artisanal craft beer, you can customize QBO … Read More

Automated Accounts Payable: A Great First Step for Tech-Averse Law Firms

Three big reasons every law firm should implement automated accounts payable. I have several attorneys in my immediate family, and I’ve worked with many as clients over the last 26 years. With every attorney I’ve known, there’s one common thread: not one of them likes risk. Risk aversion seems to be ingrained in their DNA. While avoiding risk is often … Read More